Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Posting On Social Networking Sites Creates a Permanent Record

Remember when you were in junior high and the principal used to scare you into believing that if you didn't behave that it would go down on some all powerful "permanent record"? Well now that permanent record actually exists -- and worse, it's a public forumn. Internet safety is something all parents should teach their kids from the very beginning of internet use.

Social Networking can be a great tool and a harmless way to interact with friends. But there are dangers, not the least of which is that everything you post, is now there for posterity as this article highlights.


Whether it's MySpace, Facebook, or any other site, if you post it, someone can find it, access it, and expose it.

YouDiligence (www.youdiligence.com) helps protect kids futures, hopefully keeping their "permanent record" as clean as possible in the internet era.

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  1. Agreed. That is why parents need to monitor what their kids are posting. Not only do they need to know where they go online and who they talk to, but also how they represent themselves. What are they saying, how are they acting. You wouldn't let your kid act like a jerk or a bully or a moron in the middle of a room full of people (or would you...?), so why let them do it online....?
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